Work & Organisational Psychology/Work & Organisational Behaviour MSc | Graduate School, University of Limerick
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Work & Organisational Psychology/Work & Organisational Behaviour MSc

Kemmy Business School:Work & Organisational Psychology/Work & Organisational Behaviour MSc

Work & Organisational Psychology/Work & Organisational Behaviour MSc
1 Year Full-Time Or 2 Years Part-Time 
Course Closed


Application Deadline:    1 March 2018 (Work Psychology full-time)
                                  1 May 2018 (Work Psychology part-time and Work Behaviour full-time and part-time)

Among the core aims of the programme are

  • To expose candidates to the fundamental principles underpinning individual and group behaviour within a variety of organisational settings;
  • To explore cognitive, political and social issues impacting the management and handling of organisational strategy and change;
  • To examine the nature of the employment relationship, the employment exchange and the psychological contract;
  • To develop a thorough understanding of the rationale and methods of all aspects of recruitment and selection, including job analysis, interviews and assessment centre techniques, psychometrics and related testing methodologies;
  • To provide an embedded understanding of the adult learner at work and develop competence in analysing training and learning needs, in designing and delivering training and learning interventions and in evaluating the effectiveness of such programmes from an individual, group or organisational perspective;
  • To examine person-environment fit in the workplace context and its consequences for personal wellbeing and job performance;
  • To develop professional self-identify and professional competences in the areas of interviewing, negotiation, coaching, facilitation and conflict handling; and
  • To develop research skills necessary to formulate, conduct and report an independent piece of research in one of the domain areas of work and organisational psychology.

Lectures are held two days a week Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Programme Director: Dr Deirdre O'Shea
Dept. of Personnel & Employment Relations
T: +353 61 234383
Programme Co-ordinator: Brid Henley
Taught Postgraduate Programmes
Tel: +353-61-202665



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