Structured PhD in School of Education

Education & Health Sciences:Structured PhD in School of Education

Structured PhD in School of Education
4 Years Full-Time, 5 Years Part-Time 


The course aims to:

  • Engage students with a range of concepts, methods, theories and knowledge for investigation in their chosen area of study
  • Enable students to work iwth a range of educational problems across a variety of contexts,
  • Provide students the opportunity to look critically at some aspect or issue of education which relates to their professional practice.
  • Encourage the ciritcal inquiry of issues across and within professional systems.

The credit accumulation for the programme is based on the following:

  •  Structured Element: 66 Credits
  •  General Skills - Graduate School: 12 Credits
  •  Thesis: 270 Credits
  •  Total: 348 Credits



Please consult this website for a list of potential supervisors and their subject areas:

Structured Phd in Education
Department of Education and Professional Studies


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