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Songwriting, MA

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Songwriting, MA
1 Year  Full- Time


Application Deadline:  30 May  (Late applications will be considered for any remaining places on the programme after the closing date).

The Master of Arts in Songwriting is a one year, full-time postgraduate programme, which focuses on the artistic practice of songwriting with opportunities to perform and record work. The course is cognisant of the wide variety of approaches to songwriting that one might adopt and will not attempt to be a ‘how-to’. Rather, this is a space where students can explore and be exposed to a range of writing techniques, whilst having the dedicated time and resources to develop their own body of work. This will be through a combination of solo work and collaboration with a community of fellow songwriters with guidance from songwriting mentors.

In addition, the course provides a toolkit of core skills that students can draw from in areas such as music theory and arranging, technology and production, promotion, copyright and publishing as well as the central focus of writing, recording and/or performing.


The student will gain:

  • Originality - a strong sense of individual voice
  • Wide core skill set
  • Strong basis for sustainable career as a songwriter / space to explore and spend dedicated time to support existing career as songwriter
  • Critical engagement with artistic practice
  • Songwriting honed through supportive and reflective critique
  • Exposure to wide range of approaches to songwriting


For academic queries on this programme contact:
Course Director: Carl Corcoran
Phone: 061 202082
Mobile: 087 9834114
The Irish World Academy of Music & Dance


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