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School Leadership Masters

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School Leadership Masters
1 Year   Part- Time


The Masters of Education (School Leadership) is specifically designed for those who have completed the level 9 Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership, accredited by the University of Limerick. The programme facilitates those who have completed the Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership to capitalize on their current expertise and to develop an advanced and integrated understanding of school leadership at Master’s level. The Master’s in School Leadership will comprise a one-year programme. Delivery will be predominantly online to facilitate distance learning. 


Students will complete a dissertation on an aspect of school leadership under the supervision of staff in the School of 
Education. Combined with the 60 credits earned in the completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership, each student will earn the 
required credits for a Master’s qualification.


On completion of the programme students will have:
  • Engaged critically and analytically with an area of research relevant to a school leadership.
  • Appraised the practical and academic debates which pertain to school leadership.
  • Developed an advanced and integrated practical and theoretical understanding of school leadership
  • Developed cognitive and technical research skills and be in a position to research and apply established theories to research in school leadership.
  • Developed an ability to analyse critically, to reflect upon and to synthesise complex information, problems, concepts and theories.
  • Demonstrated a clear understanding of the complexity of school leadership.
  • Utilized research databases and accessed policy documentation in order to have comprehensive understanding of the most up-to-date policy in school leadership at both national and international levels.
  • Demonstrated intellectual autonomy in the development and dissemination of research.
On completion of the programme students will have:
  • Demonstrated graduate-level understanding of school leadership theory and practice.                                                  
  • Demonstrated graduate-level knowledge of the challenges facing those who manage schools.
  • Engaged in independent research and developed abilities to respond to challenges inherent in academic research.
  • Demonstrated personal development and self-awareness in leadership and management practices.
  • Engaged in advanced educational inquiry and displayed commitment to the growth of educational research.
  • Produced an original dissertation of scholarly research and writing under the supervision of an expert supervisor.
  • Applied the knowledge, skills and insights acquired in the Masters programme to the demands of the professional environment



On-campus provision will entail face-to-face seminars specific to research methods.  Supervision will be conducted via virtual meetings.  The programme will commence in Spring 2019 (Jan/Feb).


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