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Risk Management and Insurance MSc

Kemmy Business School:Risk Management and Insurance MSc

Risk Management and Insurance MSc
1 Year  Full- Time


The MSc in Risk Management and Insurance offers you a unique blend of insurance, risk management and financial services content. These areas are becoming increasingly interconnected and the prominence of risk management as a specialised profession has continue

d to grow in a complex and volatile economic environment. Ireland is a key location for insurance and reinsurance services and is establishing itself as a location for research and development in the insurance of emerging industries and technologies.

The MSc in Risk Management and Insurance has been designed to:

  • Develop students with the technical capacity, objective reasoning and contextual overview for roles within the growth areas of risk management and insurance.
  • Enable students' comprehension of the prominent risk exposure models used and their regulatory context.
  • Facilitate the development of specialised technical and analytical skills with a strong appreciation of underpinning assumptions.
  • Promote the development of self-managed learning skills including time management, prioritisation, critical thinking and reflection.



For general programme information: KemmyPG@ul.ieCII

Academic queries to:
Course Director: Robert Ford
Dept of Accounting & Finance
Tel: +353-61-233676
Email: robert.ford@ul.ie
Web: www.ul.ie/business

Programme Co-ordinator: Kathy Ryan
Taught Postgraduate Programmes
Tel: +353-61-234389
Email: Kathy.Ryan@ul.ie




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