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Nursing (Dementia Care) MSc

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Nursing (Dementia Care) MSc
2 Years  Full- Time


Application Deadline:   to be confirmed

The overall aim of the Master of Sciencein Nursing(Dementia Care) programme is to provide registered nurses with the opportunity to develop and enhance specialist level knowledge and skills in the area of person centred dementia care.  A key goal of this programme is to prepare practitioners for the challenges of leading and delivering specialist/ advanced level person centred dementia practice across a variety of settings. To achieve this goal, programme content focusses on providing practitioners with the theoretical underpinnings, clinical exposure and competence for the development of knowledge and skills in areas of assessment and therapeutic interventions for persons with dementia.

  • On completion of the programme students will be able to:
  • Critically examine evidence to inform best practice in monitoring co-ordinating and managing care for people with dementia
  • Critically explore professional standards relevant to dementia care
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of therapeutic interventions used in the management and care of persons with dementia
  • Apply critical thinking skills and ethical decision making required for advancing practice
  • Critically examine the value of multidisciplinary collaboration in the provision of quality evidenced bases outcomes of care for persons with dementia
  • Critically review current innovations and developments in leading and managing change in dementia care practice
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the research process
  • Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning while fostering self- development and self -evaluation
  • Demonstrate responsibility for personal and professional development in advocating person centred care for people with dementia
  • Apply critical thinking and reflective skills in promoting and advancing person centred dementia care
  • Appreciate the contribution of research in informing and advancing dementia care in practice settings

Contact Details

Dr. Owen Doody, Course Director, Postgraduate Programmes
Department of Nursing and Midwifery
Telephone: 00 353 61 213367, Mobile: 00 353 86 8379781

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