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Mental Skills and Mental Health in Sports and Exercise MSc

Mental Skills and Mental Health in Sports and Exercise MSc

Mental Skills and Mental Health in Sports and Exercise MSc
1 Year F/T  Full- Time


Application Deadline:   31st October 2019.   THE PROGRAMME COMMENCES IN JANUARY 2019.

This new MSc. programme is dedicated to providing a thorough grounding in the knowledge and application of both mental skills to enhance sport and interventions to promote mental health and well-being. It seeks to equip candidates with a sound understanding of theory and research and develop core competencies and skills across a range of key domains including the following: motor cognition and skill acquisition; performance psychology; exercise and mental health; applied positive psychology; organisational behaviour and wellbeing; professional issues and ethics; and research design and methods. The core aims of the programme are to create an outstanding and distinctive learning experience through innovations in teaching (e.g. problem-based learning), and to promote a sound evidence-based approach for those engaged in a broad range of roles in sport, exercise and health contexts.

This new programme has more flexible entry requirements (e.g. RPL) than the existing MSc in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology and also has the option of an exit award after 60 credits completed (e.g. Higher Diploma Award). This degree runs parallel to the existing programme which aligns to the Psychological Society of Ireland accreditation requirements. The purpose of this degree is to offer a pathway for those seeking to upskill on topic areas relating to mental skills and mental health in sport and the degree is not a qualification in psychology. It offers a grounding in research and application for those who seek further training to pursue roles that don’t explicitly require a qualification in psychology (e.g. sports coaching, sports management etc.).

The MSc. aims to:

  • Provide a learner-focused and connected curriculum to enable students to develop their capacity to think critically and acquire a broad set of attributes as identified by the UL as knowledgeable, proactive, innovative, responsible, articulate and collaborative.
  • Extend the traditional remit of sport psychology by focusing on performance restoration, resilience and mental health, rather than exclusively targeting performance enhancement.
  • Enhance the understanding of mental health challenges in sport contexts using a positive psychology approach.
  • Develop a multidisciplinary mode of graduate enquiry coupled with an ethical scientist-practitioner basis.


For further information contact:

Course Director: Dr Tadhg MacIntyre
Dept. of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
University of Limerick
Phone: +353 (0) 61 213430


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