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Marketing, Consumption and Society MSc

Kemmy Business School:Marketing, Consumption and Society MSc

Marketing, Consumption and Society MSc
1 Year  Full- Time
Course Closed


MSc in Marketing, Consumption & Society is now closed for 2019/20 intake.

The MSc in Marketing, Consumption & Society aims to provide candidates with a comprehensive marketing education through an exposure to key theoretical tenets of the field coupled with a reflective engagement on the interface between marketing and the nature of consumption in contemporary society. Thus, the programme aims to equip candidates with a thorough grounding in marketing theory and research, provide a comprehensive understanding of consumer culture, and instil an appreciation of marketing's responsibilities to organisations and to society.


Among the core objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide an understanding of marketing as a business philosophy and organisational function.
  • To foster a critical appreciation of the discipline's major theoretical debates.
  • To develop a discerning recognition of the role marketing plays in, and responsibilities marketing has to the firm and to society as a whole.
  • To identify the nature of consumer culture and to critically examine consumption decisions and behaviours.
  • To nurture a judicious understanding of the issues and trends currently affecting the practice of marketing.
  • To develop a theoretical and practical understanding of epistemological alternatives relevant to the pursuit of marketing knowledge.
  • To provide a practical overview of the variety of methodological procedures relevant to the pursuit of marketing knowledge.
  • To support the production of an independent piece of research on a subject of importance to the discipline of marketing.
  • To develop key personal and professional skills in areas including decision-making, creativity, reflexivity, collaboration, and narrativity.


Programme Co-ordinator: Brid Henley
Taught Postgraduate Programmes
Tel: +353-61-202665
Programme Director: Dr Maria Lichrou
Department of Management & Marketing
Tel: +353-61-234661




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