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Irish-German Studies MA

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Irish-German Studies MA
1 Year  Full- Time


The MA in Irish-German Studies is a unique programme harnessing particular strengths in UL thanks to the Centre for Irish-German Studies while combining it with attractive and complementary existing MA programmes in Ireland (Galway), Germany (Berlin, Lüneburg and Jena) and Austria (Vienna). It aims to attract highly qualified students who will benefit from a strongly interdisciplinary and internationally focused academic programme. All participating exchange programmes for the second semester, ranging from German, Austrian, English and Irish Studies to Teaching German as a Foreign Language as well as Cultural Studies and Intercultural Business Communication, have been chosen in order to provide students with expertise interrelated with and complementary to their studies in UL in semester one, giving students the chance to specialise in a range of contexts of the inter-relationship between Ireland and the German-speaking countries. The intellectual outcomes consist of in-depth knowledge of cultural, political, and historical dimensions of Irish-German relations as well as a high level of linguistic competence and intercultural skills, gained both inside the classroom and through international experience. The interdisciplinary academic dimension will contribute to the development of analytical and research skills needed for high-level international positions, whether in the fields of business, culture or politics and education.

  • To provide students with the knowledge of cultural, political, and historical contexts of Irish-German relations and to explore the inter-relationship between Ireland and the German-speaking countries
  • To enable students to evaluate critically theoretical approaches to the study of literature, culture, history and intercultural relations
  • To enable students to hone their oral and written communication skills in German and in English
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills to design and conduct independent research required to proceed to doctoral degree studies
  • To study themes and concepts that occur in the context of bilateral relations, i.e. identity, ethnicity, history, memory, language and home
  • To give students the opportunity to benefit from the excellent research links of the Centre of Irish-German Studies in German-speaking countries and to study in an international setting and at different academic institutions.


Fee Waiver

There are normally two fee waivers on offer from the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics and one specifically for the MA in Irish-German Studies. Please contact the course director for further information.


Applicants who wish to discuss detailed elements of the programme or apply for a fee waiver may contact the
Course Director
Dr Gisela Holfter
Centre for Irish-German Studies
School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics

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