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Interaction and Experience Design MA/MSc

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Interaction and Experience Design MA/MSc
1 Year  Full- Time
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The Master in Interaction and Experience Design (formerly known as Interactive Media) is a 12-months intensive conversion course designed specifically for graduates who are interested in combining technological competence with design/artistic endeavour. It offers students with different backgrounds (from any design discipline to art, from new media to computer science, and more) opportunities to exploit their potential in new emerging domains (experience, interaction and participatory design, ubiquitous computing and multimodal interaction, social media and virtual/augmented reality, mobile, wearable, and physical computing, tangible user interfaces, etc), across a wide range of activities that are relevant for the ICT and digital media industry: multimedia authoring, software/hardware development, games, social media, interactive installations and visualisation, human-centred design research, education, and so on. 
This multidisciplinary course uniquely offer students an in-depth and hands-on exploration of the technological avenues available today, and backs this up with a strong commitment to human-centered and collaborative design methods, techniques, and tools. Students have individual workstations in a dedicated lab with high-spec computers with a wide range of media authoring software from Adobe, Apple, and a range of Open Source tools. Students on this course also have access to a dedicated design studio, a prototyping workshop (equipped with 3D printing and laser cutting facilities), recording studios, as well as a pool of high-quality professional video cameras and a range of electronic equipment, sensors and actuators.
At the end of the programme, out successful students will be able to:
  • Apply Interaction and Experience design theory to practice;
  • Develop interactive multimedia projects that demonstrate an engagement with emerging computing paradigms;
  • Direct and manage interaction and experience design development projects.
  • Combine technical and design expertise to problem solving within their chosen career.
  • Be fluent in a number of multimedia authoring software packages;
  • Modify, read, and write basic code
  • Employ human-centred and participatory design methods, techniques and tools
The course is limited to twenty students per year with the option of either an MA or MSc degree. At the end of the year, students will exhibit their final project at the Digital Art Week Now exhibition (see  For more detailed information please visit


Cristiano Storni, PhD
Interaction Design Centre
Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems
Office: +353 61 202632
Fax: +353 61 213484



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