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Integrative Psychotherapy MA

Education & Health Sciences:Integrative Psychotherapy MA

Integrative Psychotherapy MA
2/4 Years  Part- Time
Not Currently


Application Deadline TBC

Past graduates of the UL Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy Studies, that previously met the requirements to progress to the Masters programme but did not avail of the opportunity at that time, can apply for this programme.  Subject to numbers, applicants from equivalent Graduate Diploma programmes may be considered subject to meeting key criteria related to programme areas of study.

The programme aims to educate students in the principles and practices of humanistically-orientated integrative psychotherapy. This involves critical engagement with relevant theories of psychotherapy, the development of therapeutic skills, awareness of and engagement with personal process, practice to high ethical standards and the undertaking of a research project relevant to the practice of psychotherapy. Experiential learning in an individual and group-work setting, reading literature at a level appropriate to postgraduate studies, reflection on practice are hallmarks of this course, and emphasis is placed on integrating these elements.

Department of Education & Professional Studies,
Course Directors:
Gerry Myers:, tel. +353+061+213374 , mobile: 087-8170380

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