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German Language & Culture in Europe (MA)

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German Language & Culture in Europe (MA)
1 year  Full- Time
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This taught Master’s programme is run jointly by the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, University of Limerick, and the Department of German Studies, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

The programme enables students

  • To analyse and interpret German-language culture within a broader European context, including the inter-relationship between Ireland and Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  • To handle a wide range of communicative situations in the foreign language and communicate in oral and written German with a high degree of accuracy and confidence
  • To function as plurilingual European citizens with both the linguistic and conceptual skills to operate in a future increasingly multi-cultural environment in Ireland and abroad and function effectively as cultural mediators between Ireland and the German-speaking countries
  • To fulfil leadership roles in cross-cultural contexts
  • To onceptualise larger research projects (e.g. in preparation for further study towards a PhD degree) and participate in a broader intellectual community of postgraduate research and learning.

Further information
Applicants who wish to discuss the programme may contact the joint course directors: 

Dr Joachim Fischer, School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics 
Tel. +353-61–202354
Dr Christiane Schönfeld, Dept. of German Studies, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick,
Tel. +353-61–204582 or 204996 (admin).



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