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Design for Health and Wellbeing, MSc

Science & Engineering:Design for Health and Wellbeing, MSc

Design for Health and Wellbeing, MSc
1 Year  Full- Time
Course Closed


Application Deadline: Closed - Programme will run in 2020/21

The MSc in Design for Health and Wellbeing is based on working and co-designing with stakeholders right across health care, from hospitals, to mental health services, to public health, to wellbeing of consumers in society.

The Masters is delivered predominantly in a design studio environment, cultivating a culture of creativity, peer learning and transdisciplinary exploration. The core design modules are based on project work, problem solving and creativity, that centres on collaboration, human centred design and contemporary design processes. Students work across domains and at the borders of design and other disciplines.

The approach is based on real-world challenges linked with industry and community partners. Through this real-world approach students learn to identify opportunities and innovate solutions that have a positive impact on individuals, as well as public, health and wellbeing.

Foundation knowledge in design processes will build to specific expertise, as applied to the areas health and wellbeing. The curriculum focuses on experimentation, exploration to develop critical thinking, independent learning and an ability to bring new processes and thinking to this emergent global area.

For further information and brochure on the programme please click here

The school of design has a track record in the development of health related projects. Please click here to see projects that are being conducted within the school. 

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Course Director:     Dr Louise Kiernan
Tel:                        353 (61)233686

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