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Business Analytics MSc

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Business Analytics MSc
1 Year F/T  Full- Time
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Are you looking to develop your quantitative analysis and consultancy skills? Completing the MSc in Business Analytics at the Kemmy Business School will position you to engage with business problems using large data sets, statistical methods, optimisation techniques and predictive models. Our innovation lab and simulation modules allow you to approach business problems in an applied, innovative and creative environment to reflect the skills and competencies required in real-word situations. The ability to communicate findings and implement strategies are developed in leadership and project management modules.
Who Should Consider the MSc in Business Analytics;
  • Business graduates looking to further develop business and quantitative skills.
  • Graduates with a significant business component in their degrees looking to further develop business and quantitative skills
Why Should you Consider the MSc in Business Analytics? 
  - Programme Learning Outcomes;
  • Graduates will have a strategic understanding of business analytics and appreciate the connections between this discipline and other areas of business to make holistic decision when analysing business problems and situations.
  • Graduates will develop critical thinking skills, understand the connection between quantitative and qualitative tools, theories and context so that they can solve business problems and make effective decisions.
  • Graduates will understand how to develop new and innovative business opportunities and solutions in a dynamic international business environment.
  • Graduates will develop the leadership, influence and change skills necessary to be effective business managers and leaders; demonstrating self-awareness, emotional intelligence, curiosity, visionary and strategic thinking, teamwork, reflection and knowledge transfer skills
  • Graduates will demonstrate ethical reasoning skills, understand social, civic,and professional responsibilities and aspire to add value to society.


Possible Careers: Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Management Consultant, Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Research Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Analyst.


Course Director: Dr Fergal O'Brien
Department: Accounting & Finance
Tel : 353-61- 202718
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Programme Co-ordinator: Kathy Ryan
Taught Postgraduate Programmes
Tel: +353-61-234389

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