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Applied Sports Coaching MSc

Education & Health Sciences:Applied Sports Coaching MSc

Applied Sports Coaching MSc
2 Years  Part- Time
Course Closed


Applications open February 2019 (closing date July). The programme commences in September 2019. There are three decision points where applications will be reviewed and places allocated. Applications received before March 15th will be considered at the end of March decision point.If places remain on the programme, subsequent applications received before May 17th will be considered at the end of May decision point. If places remain on the programme, a final decision point will consider applications received before July 31st.

This innovative part-time two-year postgraduate programme will give experienced coaches the opportunity to enhance their practice through engagement with practitioner leaders and pioneering researchers in the field of sport coaching. The programme is offered by the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (PESS) in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, and is being considered for alignment with the higher levels of coaching qualifications, as part of the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland (a partnership between Sport Ireland Coaching and National Governing Bodies of sport). 

Objectives: The objectives of this programme reflect our commitment to the development of insightful, competent, critical and reflective sports coaches. We aim to develop graduates who:
  • Possess extensive knowledge of the coaching process and innovative applied practice in sport coaching.
  • Display originality and insight in the design, delivery and evaluation of coaching practice.
  • Possess enhanced practical skills in applied coaching practice, management, leadership, video analysis, planning, and the capacity to work, develop skills, and promote professional practice.
  • Possess the skills for conducting bespoke applied research on sports coaching to evidence and enhance their own practice and that of other coaches.
  • Are proactive in identifying and critically evaluating current research in domains such as sport and business, and drawing implications for their own context.

For further information please contact:

Dr Philip Kearney
Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences 
University of Limerick
Telephone: +353 (0)61 202844


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