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Applied Linguistics (International), MA

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Applied Linguistics (International), MA
1 Year  Full- Time


Application Deadline:  to be confirmed

The Graduate Diploma/Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (International) is a one-year taught programme and is offered on a full-time basis using a combination of faculty-student contact hours and self-directed learning and research. The MA is about exploring language in use in a wide variety of real-world situations and contexts (education, politics and wider society). The MA has a strong international focus both in practical terms with the possibility of overseas semester(s) in an academic institution and/or a placement, as well as advanced language options in English as a Foreign Language, French, German, Spanish (all languages may not run each year), and in theoretical terms reflecting faculty research interest in language and globalisation.

For Further Information, Contact:

Course Director:  Dr. Maria Rieder
Tel: +353 (0) 61 234858

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