Advanced Healthcare Practice MSc

Education & Health Sciences:Advanced Healthcare Practice MSc

Advanced Healthcare Practice MSc
1 to 3 years 


Application Deadline:  25 August 2017

The MSc is designed to enhance graduates' critical thinking and develop evidence based practitioners as future leaders of effective services. Graduates will obtain an in-depth knowledge of an area of Health Sciences to apply to their professional practice. From this MSc, graduates will be able to describe and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the current range of theory and research. They will reflect critically on their own and others' learning styles and practice. Students can register on a fulltime or part-time basis. Students must complete 6 taught modules, to include two core modules and four elective modules from the modules available, with a research thesis. The full-time option is completed over three academic semesters. In the flexible part-time option, students register for one, two or three modules per semester, with maximum period of registration being three years. Offering the programme in this way addresses the educational, professional, clinical and financial demands of the student, the employer and clinical service.

At the end of the programme, graduates will have met the following programme learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge- Breadth & Kind:
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of an area of Health Sciences and its application to the students' professional practice.
  • Describe and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the current range of theoretical and research underpinning that area.
  • Know-how and Skills - range and selectivity:
  • Reflect critically on their own learning style and practice and others' research and clinical practice.
  • Competence - context and role:
  • Explain their clinical role and contribution in relation to the concept of health and well-being.
  • Competence - learning to learn:
  • Evaluate their own learning needs and be able to structure appropriate self-directed learning to meet these needs.
  • Competence - insight:
  • Conceptualise healthcare & social care issues from alternative theoretical perspectives and synthesise, develop and communicate creative solutions to address issues relating to healthcare provision.

Contact Details

Course Co Ordinator: Dr Rose Galvin
Clinical Therapies
Health Sciences Building
University of Limerick
Tel: + 353 61 233721

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