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Advanced Engineering Materials (MSc)

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Advanced Engineering Materials (MSc)
1 year  Full- Time
Course Closed


This programme is designed to produce Masters graduates who have an in-depth knowledge of instrumentation involved in Materials analysis and characterisation together with a detailed knowledge of Materials Science, Materials Processing, and Surface Technology. The specialist modules will allow students to become fully briefed in the material science and engineering associated with high strength materials used in the aero-industry or with techniques for materials and coatings selection design, together with the materials selection methods typically employed by engineering consultants. From this knowledge base, graduates could expect to work in many manufacturing sectors or consultancy or, to continue their education to PhD level.


The objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide science, engineering and technology graduates with a competitive edge for a career in high technology manufacturing industries
  • To provide graduates with analytical skills and knowledge which prepare them for careers in manufacturing, R & D or product / process design
  • To develop graduates with excellence in Materials Science and Engineering capability to underpin National and International Industrial development


This Master of Science course is a two Semester plus Summer full time programme based on a modular credit system (90 ECTS) and the course outline is given below. In Semester 1, students study analytical techniques (microscopy, electron microscopy and X-ray analysis; X-ray diffraction; IR-, UV- and Raman-spectroscopy, particle size analysis, NMR spectroscopy, specimen preparation), structure of materials (structure – mechanical property relationships for metals, polymers and ceramics, phase transformations with associated strengthening effects, failure processes), advanced materials processing (manufacturing with metals, ceramics, polymers and composites and typical coating methods). 

Semester 1 also includes the study of typical management systems which are needed to standardize and audit manufacturing processes and systems in Industry. Semester 2 involves further study of analytical techniques and modelling software used for materials development /analysis and affords students exposure to Research challenges in Materials Science.
Students choose one elective covering the detailed materials science / engineering associated with composite materials or aerospace metallic materials, and one elective in Semester 2 from either materials selection and design (interaction between material properties and engineering design criteria, in designing components and products for manufacture, computer aided materials selection) or surface degradation and protection (coatings for improved oxidation, corrosion and wear resistance).

During Semester 2 students choose and begin work on a 45 credit research project supervised by world class researchers in Materials Science & Engineering. These projects involve the use of state of the art instrumentation at the University to acquire information on materials and processes suitable for high impact publications or IP protection.

Applicants who wish to discuss detailed elements of the programme may contact the Course Director:

Dr Gerry Higgins
Tel: 353 61 202069


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