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Accounting Professional Diploma

Kemmy Business School:Accounting Professional Diploma

Accounting Professional Diploma
1 year  Full- Time
Course Closed


The programme is a "conversion" programme of study designed to equip non-accounting graduates with a thorough grounding in accounting theory and practice. The programme has been designed to:

  • Provide students with a high level of competence in the accounting discipline, thus allowing them the opportunity to progress to study for a professional accounting qualification
  • Allow students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the key areas of accounting, finance, taxation and business law
  • Develop students’ awareness of the ethical and social context in which accounting operates
  • Enable students' comprehension of accounting and financial issues for overall business management
  • Promote the development of self-managed learning skills including time management, prioritisation, critical thinking and reflection


Course Director: Anne Tynan
Department of Accounting and Finance
Kemmy Business School
University of Limerick
Tel: +353-61-234658

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