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Education and Health Sciences taught programmes

Why do a Postgrad in Education & Health Sciences at UL?

The world of health and education has been transformed by new technologies and innovative approaches to training. Digital technologies are driving changes in health, and postgraduates can choose to specialise in exciting new areas.

Courses in UL's Faculty of Education & Health Sciences combine an interesting range of topics – including psychology, teaching, sport, allied health and medicine – with a strong vocational focus on industry trends.

Links to local businesses and state-of-the-art facilities give students real-world learning experience, including school-based teaching with the ‘School University Partnership’ and UL’s close partnership with University Hospital Limerick. Faculty facilities include a Midwifery lab, an Occupational Therapy lab and a Cognition lab for psychology students.

A postgrad at UL will help future professionals develop their own Unique Language, to enable them to follow a specialist career in the field of health or education. 

Download your essential guide to a postgraduate in Education & Health Sciences here - including expert advice, courses, and careers.

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