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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences taught programmes

Why do a postgrad in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences?

What does Technical Writing have in common with Politics? Both are postgrad courses within UL’s Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences faculty.

Although all programmes within the faculty span a range of disciplines – from an MA in Sociology or International Studies to History and Creative Writing –  they arm students with the hard and soft skills that are in demand across multiple industries: including communication, analytics, consulting, international relations, recruitment, politics, and writing.

This is achieved through a strong emphasis on debate, research and analytical skills. Courses are also structured on real-world learning, with course directors working closely with industry leaders.

UL helps postgrad Arts student to specialise in a topic which inspires them the most – and to develop their own Unique Language required to excel in their career. 

Download your essential guide to a postgraduate in Arts, Humanities & Social Science here - including expert advice, courses, and benefits.

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