PhD Scholarship: Repurposing of Batteries from End of Life Electric Vehicles

Monday, July 8, 2019

Energy systems around the world are currently undergoing two simultaneous and radical transformations; the electrification of transport and the decarbonisation of the electricity grids. Likewise, there are highly ambitious aspirations at a policy level to transition from a linear economy to a circular economy and in particular in the area of critical raw materials where recycling rates are very low and for which Europe is dependent on largely single sources which are considered to be a supply risk. This project is at the nexus of these challenges. It will undertake a detailed scientific, technical and economic analysis into how the batteries of end-of-life electric vehicles can be repurposed as stationary batteries to support the greater integration of renewable electricity in electric grids. This incorporates forecasting the availability of storage capacity based on quantitative projections of electric vehicles reaching end of life, testing of business models for their use in grid applications, a physical model as to how the batteries will perform over the necessary extended lifecycles in these business models, and recommendations on ELV treatment standards to facilitate the opportunity. The project will deliver an evidential basis for policy makers to support their planning for the coming energy, transport and circular economy transitions that are necessary in the pursuit of EU targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Candidate Requirements Essential Attributes: A Bachelors degree in Electronic/Electrical/Computer Engineering or equivalent. A strong interest/experience in data analytics. Desirable Attributes: A Masters degree in Electronic/Electrical/Computer Engineering or equivalent. Publication in conference and/or peer-reviewed journal. Experience in analysis of electric grids.

Stipend of €16,000 tax free per annum, EU tuition fees covered. Non-EU students may have to pay balance of full fees.
Thursday, July 18, 2019

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