Funded PhD Macroalgal Protein Ingredient Functionality

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Macroalgal proteins represent interesting, but as yet, relatively unexplored sources of high quality plant-derived proteins with significant bio- and technofunctional potential. The BioDulse project, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland through the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund consists of a multidisciplinary team of academic and industry partners. This project is focused on extracting, characterising and ultimately developing food ingredient applications for the proteins from the red seaweed species, Palmaria palmata.  A detailed understanding of the physicochemical, and both the bio- and technofunctional characteristics of P. palmata proteins and their enzymatic hydrolysates is required in order to optimise their food ingredient potential. This project aims to study the bio- and technofunctional properties of P. palmata proteins and their hydrolysates. The project will involve exposure to a range of protein science/chemistry, technofunctional and in vitro bioactivity assessment techniques during the extraction and characterisation of macroalgal proteins and their hydrolysates.The increasing consumer demand and a rapidly growing global population highlights the need to find sustainable alternative food protein sources. Macroalgae, or seaweed, has been consumed throughout the world for centuries.

Minimum 2.1 hons degree in Food Science, Food Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioscience, Biochemistry or closely related discipline

€21,690 per annum (value includes postgraduate fees)
Friday, November 15, 2019

Prof. Dick. FitzGerald, Biological Sciences Department, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland. Tel: 00353 061 202598:

Applicants are invited to submit a cover letter, recent CV and two academic references to Prof. FitzGerald

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