My name is Emer and I am studying an MSc in Risk Management & Insurance at the University of Limerick. After completing my Undergraduate degree in International Business at UL, I was keen to further my academic knowledge of both Risk Management, Insurance and Finance. Throughout my Undergrad I began to love studying and learning about global financial markets, risk assessment and modelling and insurance theory. To complement my undergraduate studies, the Master’s programme in Risk Management & Insurance provided an excellent blend of risk management, insurance and finance modules which would enhance my technical skillset and provide me the space to research a specific area of interest through the dissertation component of the course.

How blending theory and practical studies will advance my career

This course is the perfect blend of technical and theoretical modules, ranging from a ‘Risk Analytics’ elective module where we learn about Machine Learning and risk modelling techniques, an ‘Underwriting’ module where we look at the intricacies of insurance underwriting practices, and then we also have theoretical modules such as ‘Insuring Life & Health Risks’, ‘Financial Regulation’ and ‘Global Finance & Capital Markets’. I really enjoy the blend of theory and practical modules which I know will stand to me in my future career!

An aspect of the course which is very enjoyable, although daunting, is the dissertation. This body of work is the student’s opportunity to be unique and study an area of genuine interest to them. Throughout the programme we have had copious amounts of support from lecturers across the business school, along with two dedicated modules to the dissertation, to prepare us for the endeavour. One of the main attractions of the course for me was the ability to ‘shape your career’ through the dissertation. Through researching and choosing your own personal area of interest and research, and with the aid of a supervisor, you feel like the Masters is really something you do to enhance yourself as a person, a researcher and as a future work colleague/contributor. It is an invaluable experience.

Developing my network and time management skills

Before I began the Masters a friend of mine urged me to not sit at home studying every evening, that I had to make the most of the extra opportunities being part of a University environment offers. I definitely heeded that advice, as I am currently a member of UL’s Student Council, Class Representative, CEO of UL’s Student Managed Fund, a committee member with UL’s Economics & Investments society and a member of UL’s team for the annual PRMIA Risk Management Challenge.

Each of these opportunities, along with guest speakers in some of our modules throughout the year, has provided me with invaluable networking and time management skills. Although it is a lot to juggle alongside a Master’s degree, both the social aspect of my postgrad experience and the heavy-lifting academic side complement each other. I have learned a great deal from other students, advisors, and lecturers through being part of the above organisations, and I do not regret a minute of the extra time spent on extracurriculars.

How the Kemmy Business School at University of Limerick supports my ambitions

As is quite evident from all I have said so far - I love university! I love the atmosphere, the ability to nurture your ambitions through extracurriculars, the lessons learnt through different modules and the wide range of people you speak with every week (lecturers, other students, advisors to name a few). I am passionate about learning and expanding my and other’s knowledge on subject areas I care about. It is for this reason that, after gaining industry experience, I would love to return to UL someday and complete a PhD with the view of becoming a lecturer in Risk Management & Insurance/Finance. Although quite ambitious, it is a goal of mine which was only solidified during my time on the course.

Every lecturer in the Kemmy Business School is motivating, attentive and supportive of the students’ future career prospects, and will help in any way that they can. I think this genuine feeling of community in the KBS is one of the main aspects of the UL community which has stood out to me from day one in first year of my undergrad – the time I knew I would go on to complete a Masters in Risk Management and Insurance and hopefully be a part of academia and knowledge-sharing for many years to come.

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