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Address: Universiteit Leiden, Institutional Coordinator, PO Box 9500
Country: Netherlands
General Information:
Nominated UL students study at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) in The Hague.

For course information, please see e-prospectus

Campus and accommodation:

The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs is located in The Hague where finding housing is less challenging than in Leiden.

Students should register for a room with DUWO, which is a housing company with links to Dutch universities. Students can also contact the Housing Office at for all matters regarding housing.

Alternatively, students may look for accommodation as follows:

  1. Through the website for Leiden & The Hague
  2. Facebook group Find a room(mate) or house in The Hague - kamer(s) in Den Haag,
  3. HousingAnywhere (a partner who matches outgoing students who sublet their rooms with international studens)
  4. The Student Hotel with all facilities provided
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