Friday, December 17, 2021

We are delighted to share another Annual newsletter from the University of Limerick Global team with you. This newsletter highlights the diverse culture and activities that have been taking place on campus over the last year. From playing our part in regional and global empowerment to welcoming our first Indonesian undergraduate students, it has been a busy year in Limerick.

We have learned that with hard work and perseverance, together we can make it through any challenges presented. This year began with the campus community connecting and learning virtually. The sacrifices and unity among the Irish nation as a whole meant that the Autumn semester here at the University of Limerick could take a more traditional shape.

Late August saw the safe return of students and faculty to campus for face-to-face teaching. As people started to flood the campus, so did the air of joy and community that is so well associated with the University of Limerick. The buildings that form the heart of the University, such as the Glucksman Library and Student Courtyard, were once again thriving with student activity.

While developing your wealth of knowledge is so important, we are aware that learning is about so much more than that. This semester allowed the thousands of international students enrolled to get a real feel for Irish culture and student life. As travel restrictions eased, students were able to explore Galway, Kerry, Dublin and all around the country we know and love so deeply.

International relationships are an integral part of developing our Global connections.  This year saw the University of Limerick welcome many important international visitors including the German and Irish Presidents. During the visit, the Presidents participated in a student engagement session as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe. They also visited the Glucksman Library where they viewed some of the library’s treasured items in Special Collections and Archives, including the first German edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses. You can see more about the visit here.

A theme of travel and transport can be seen in the 2021 Glucksman Library Advent Calendar – a unique, interactive calendar, which you can uncover here. This special calendar takes a look at some of the best examples in the Glucksman archives and rare books in the Department of Special Collections and Archives.

We wish all of our partners and students a Happy Christmas. We look forward to what the coming year will bring for UL Global, the new relationships that will be forged and celebrating 50 years of the University of Limerick.

The UL Global Team 

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