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September 2021 - After you arrive

Céad Míle Fáilte! (A Hundred-Thousand Welcomes!)

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the University of Limerick, Ireland’s most innovative and dynamic University. 

To ensure that your transition from home to UL is a smooth one, the UL Global team has put in place extensive support structures, details of which you can find on this page. 

Here at UL Global, we look forward to getting to know your during your time at UL and we wish you every success for your time here. 

After you Arrive: Checklist

All international students are required to complete an online Emergency Contact Form.  It is extremely important that you take the time now to complete this contact form if you have not already done so. We need to have the details of who to contact in the unlikely event of an emergency. You will need to complete this form regardless of whether you are here in Ireland or still in your home country.    

The online Emergency Contact Form will be made available to you prior to the start of the semester. 

All international students who you have arrived in Ireland will have to register with the UL Student Health Centre.
1. You must download the International Student Registration Form and fill in your details.
2. You should send the completed form to 
3. Please only use your UL email account for all communications to

Please note, you will have needed to complete the 'UL COVID-19 Student Awareness' training prior to commencing your studies at UL. Please complete this training by carefully reading through this PDF.

All students must complete this Post-Arrival Daily Health Declaration each day for 14 consecutive days, beginning the day you arrive in Ireland.  The online form can be accessed here.

A member of staff at the university will be in contact with you to ensure the daily health declarations are being submitted, so that your enrollment at the University of Limerick can commence.

Please remember to bring a thermometer with you to Ireland so that you can continue to track your symptoms for 14 days on arrival.

This daily declaration will decide the following: 

  • Individuals disclosing symptoms must immediately self-isolate and should contact the UL Medical Centre on 061 202 534. For urgent out of hours medical emergencies, please contact Limerick Doc on 087 755 1570.

For students who have already arrived in Ireland: 

  • All students who have already arrived in Ireland must still complete the Post-Arrival Daily Declaration until your 14th day in Ireland. There is a question on the form which will ask you to indicate if you have had any symptoms since your arrival in Ireland. 

Getting set up

Students who have accepted their offer will have received an email prior to your arrival outlining the following tasks which need to be completed prior to commencing your studies:

  • Activate your UL Student Account and Register for Self-Service Password Reset
  • Complete the online Finance task
  • Enrol online on your course
  • Complete Enrolment at Orientation

You can find more information about completing these tasks here

To activate your UL Student Account you must: Change your Initial Password and Register for the Self-Service Password Reset. 

Once your UL Student Account has been activated you will have access to the Student Administration Portal and a range of computer resources both on and off campus.

Once you are logged into your Student Portal, you can access the online finance task (Step 3) and enrolment (Step 4). 

During Orientation it will be verified that you have completed the online course enrolment and the online finance task. 

To log into the Student Portal: 

  • Log into to your Student Portal using the this link
  • Enter your Student ID Number in the ID/Username field
  • Enter your UL Student Account Password in the PIN/Password field.

Every current student will have a student email account. All academic-related correspondence will take place via this email account, so it is very important that you monitor it regularly. 

This is a hosted email service (Microsoft Office 365) provided by the University of Limerick in collaboration with Microsoft. 

After the initial steps for enrolment are completed, students will have access to the student email system (Office 365 provided by Microsoft). Please note, your UL Student Email Account can take up to 36 hours to be created after Activation. For details on how to login see here.

To access your email, click on "My Mail" link in portal (from a computer on campus) or go to

The format of your Email address is (eg.

For security reasons you will not be able to access your email if you have not updated your initial password (your date of birth).

Your timetable can be accessed at two weeks prior to the start of the semester. 

Sulis is UL’s Learning Management Platform. Here, you will find information and resources related to your assigned modules. This includes lecture notes, quizzes and other useful resources.

You can log into Sulis using your Student ID Number and Computer Account Password at

If you have completed the steps to get your UL student card, then it is currently being printed and will be dispatched soon, along with two UL face coverings.

Please note if you are still in your home country, it is best to wait to complete the request for your UL student card until you arrive in Ireland and have an Irish term address that the card can be sent to.

If you need to travel to campus before your student card and face coverings have arrived, don’t worry. You can bring your own face covering (as you will have to wear one at all times indoors) and you will be allowed on campus and into your classes without your student card.

You can print, copy and scan documents using any Multi-Function Printer (MFP) located throughout campus. Both B&W and colour options are available. You can log onto any MFP throughout campus by placing your student ID card on the reader. 

Print credit can be purchased online here or in the Print Room, located at E1-005 in the University Main Building.

The Print IT team also offer binding services for documents. 

More information on student printing services can be found here.

There is WiFi available throughout campus. Students can connect personal devices to the eduroam network. For initial connection please connect to setup_eduroam and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Please see here for further information on getting connected to the Wireless Network. 

Once you receive your Student ID Card, you will be able to access UL’s Glucksman Library. Here you can use study spaces, borrow books and access printing facilities. 

More information and step-by-step guides on Student Computing Services

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