Dr. Dervla Kelly

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Dr Dervla
+353 (0) 61 202140
Lecturer in Medical Education

Dr Kelly is a Lecturer at the Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS), in addition to working as a part-time Community Pharmacist.
After graduating with a B.Sc. in Pharmacy, she worked as a community pharmacist for five years, followed by the pharmaceutical industry for two years and completed a PhD in Epidemiology in Trinity College Dublin in 2016. She has been a postdoctoral research fellow at New York University. 
Dr Kelly joined GEMS in 2018 as a Lecturer in Medical Education. 

Academic Qualifications: 

BSc (Pharm) Trinity College Dublin

MPSI Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland

PG Certificate Health Economics University of Aberdeen

PG Diploma in Statistics Trinity College Dublin

MSc Epidemiology Trinity College Dublin

Ph.D. Epidemiology Trinity College Dublin

Professional Experience: 

Current roles

Lecturer in Medical Education in Graduate Entry Medicine (GEMS) whose primary responsibilities are PBL case design, curriculum review, tutor development, student support and assessment in the Year 1 and Year 2 Knowledge of Health and Illness Module.

Chair of Education Research and Writing Group

Part time/ locum Pharmacist

Professional Memberships: 

Member, Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI)
Member, Irish Network of Medical Educators (INMED)

Research Interests: 

Dr Kelly‘s research interests in medical education include professional identity formation, the assessment of professionalism, and designing simulations and virtual reality for pre-hospital settings. I am also involved in public health research in the areas of appropriate prescribing and dispensing to influence population health, antibiotic stewardship, child health and cancer epidemiology. 

Publication Record: 

Journal Articles
1.    Yang L, Hao Y, Hu J, Kelly D, Li H, Brown S, et al. Differential effects of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate administration on vaginal microbiome in Hispanic White and Black women AU - Yang, Liying. Emerging microbes & infections. 2019;8(1):197-210.

2.    O'Sullivan F, Raftery T, van Weele M, van Geffen J, McNamara D, O'Morain C, et al. Sunshine is an important determinant of vitamin D status even among high-dose supplement users: secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial in Crohn's disease patients. Photochemistry and photobiology. 2019.

3.    Kelly D, Kelly A, O'Dowd T, Hayes CB. Antibiotic use in early childhood and risk of obesity: longitudinal analysis of a national cohort. World journal of pediatrics : WJP. 2019.

4.    Ganly I, Yang L, Giese RA, Hao Y, Nossa CW, Morris LGT, et al. Periodontal pathogens are a risk factor of oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma, independent of tobacco and alcohol and human papillomavirus. International journal of cancer. 2019.

5.    Kelly D, Yang L, Pei Z. Gut Microbiota, Fusobacteria, and Colorectal Cancer. Diseases. 2018;6(4):109.

6.    Hayes C, Kelly D, Taut C, Nixon E, Zgaga L, Williams J, et al. Health Care Utilisation by Bullying Victims: A Cross-Sectional Study of A 9-Year-Old Cohort in Ireland. Healthcare (Basel). 2018;6(1).

7.    Hao Y, Yang L, Galvao Neto A, Amin MR, Kelly D, Brown SM, et al. HPViewer: sensitive and specific genotyping of human papillomavirus in metagenomic DNA. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 2018;34(12):1986-95.

8.    O'Sullivan F, Laird E, Kelly D, van Geffen J, van Weele M, McNulty H, et al. Ambient UVB Dose and Sun Enjoyment Are Important Predictors of Vitamin D Status in an Older Population. The Journal of nutrition. 2017;147(5):858-68.

9.    Kelly D, Theodoratou E, Farrington SM, Fraser R, Campbell H, Dunlop MG, et al. The contributions of adjusted ambient ultraviolet B radiation at place of residence and other determinants to serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations. The British journal of dermatology. 2016;174(5):1068-78.

10.    O'Sullivan K, Reulbach U, Boland F, Motterlini N, Kelly D, Bennett K, et al. Benzodiazepine prescribing in children under 15 years of age receiving free medical care on the General Medical Services scheme in Ireland. BMJ open. 2015;5(6):e007070.

11.    O'Sullivan K, Boland F, Reulbach U, Motterlini N, Kelly D, Bennett K, et al. Antidepressant prescribing in Irish children: secular trends and international comparison in the context of a safety warning. BMC pediatrics. 2015;15:119.

12.    Boland F, Galvin R, Reulbach U, Motterlini N, Kelly D, Bennett K, et al. Psychostimulant prescribing trends in a paediatric population in Ireland: a national cohort study. BMC pediatrics. 2015;15:118.

13.    Kelly D, O'Dowd T, Reulbach U. Use of folic acid supplements and risk of cleft lip and palate in infants: a population-based cohort study. The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners. 2012;62(600):e466-72.

Book Chapters
1.    Kelly D, Khurram NA, Hickman RA, Pei Z. Quantitative Approach in Clinical Microbiology: A Paradigm Shift Toward Culture-Free Methods.  Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology: Springer; 2018. p. 599-615.

2.    Kelly D, Yang L, Pei Z. A Review of the Oesophageal Microbiome in Health and Disease.  Methods in Microbiology. 44: Elsevier; 2017. p. 19-35.


Research/Fellowship Awards: 

Ussher Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin 2012
INMED / Irish Medical Council -Research into Medical Education Grant in 2019

Higher Degree Supervision: 

She is currently taking on MSc and PhD students for supervision

Dr Martina Goggin

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Dr Martina
Anatomical Skills Tutor

Dr Mariam Sheehan

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Dr Mariam
Anatomical Skills Tutor

Dr Orla Coyle

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Dr Orla
+353 (0) 61 588342
CERC floor 2 15206
Acting Senior Lecturer

Dr John McFarland

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Dr John
Senior Lecturer Psychiatry

Frank Keane

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Mr Frank
+353 (0) 61 234931
Senior Fellow - Paramedic Studies

Mark Dixon

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Mr Mark
+353 (0) 61 202941
Course Director - Paramedic Studies

Dr Eimear Spain

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Dr Eimear
+353 (0) 61 234896
Senior Lecturer in Health Law

Eimear Spain is a Senior Lecturer in Health Law in a joint appointment between the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences and the School of Law. 

Eimear’s research interests lie in health, criminal, constitutional and intellectual property law. One of her key interest areas is in the field of law and emotions which draws on disciplines such as neuroscience and psychology. She has published numerous books, book chapters and articles in the areas of health, criminal, constitutional and administrative law both nationally and internationally, including a monograph entitled ‘The Role of Emotions in Criminal Law Defences; Duress, Necessity and Lesser Evils’ with Cambridge University Press. Eimear has a strong track record in attracting funding from external agencies and has worked with important stakeholders including Cosc, The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence, the Department of Justice, An Garda Síochána, the Irish Prison Service and the Inspector of Prisons. Much of her research is interdisplinary in nature and she has secured grant funding with colleagues in obstetrics, midwifery, educational psychology and social psychology. She is a founding member and co-director of the Centre for the Understanding of Emotions in Society in the University of Limerick.

Academic Qualifications: 

BA in Law and Accounting
PhD in Law

Publication Record: 

•    Eimear Spain, The Role of Emotions in Criminal Law Defences; Duress, Necessity and Lesser Evils (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2011)

Books, Special Editions and Edited Collections
•    Eimear Spain and Jack Nicholas (eds) Sentencing in Ireland; Stakeholder Perspectives (Clarus Press, Dublin 2015) (forthcoming).
•    Rhona Smith, Eimear Spain and Richard Glancey, Core Statutes on Public and Human Rights Law 2015-2016 (Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke 2015) Six editions for years 2010-2015.
•    Richard Glancey, Eimear Spain and Rhona Smith, Constitutional and Administrative Law (Nutshells), (10th edn Sweet & Maxwell, London 2014) Co-author of the 9th and 10th editions, 2011 and 2014.
•    Catherine O'Sullivan, Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain (eds), Legislating for Article 40.3.3: Abortion Law in Ireland (Special Issue of the Irish Journal of Legal Studies, 2013)
Articles (Refereed Journals) and Book Chapters
•    Eimear Spain and Timothy Ritchie, Engaging with Emotions in the Legal Profession. In Conway et al. (eds) The Emotional Dynamics of Law and Legal Discourse. (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2015) (forthcoming).
•    Shane Kilcommins and Eimear Spain, Regulatory Crime. In Butler, M (ed), Criminal Litigation, 4th edn.(Oxford University Press, Oxford 2015) p15-45.
•    Shane Kilcommins, Susan Leahy and Eimear Spain Paradigmatic Criminal Law: assumptions and commitments. In Gledhill, K (ed.), Criminal Law Pedagogy (Routledge, London 2015). (forthcoming).
•    Rónán Kennedy, Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain, 'Teaching Legal Writing Using the Web: Possibilities and Practicalities' in Ann Marcus-Quinn, Catherine Bruen, Miriam Allen, Aisling Dundon and Yvonne Diggins (eds),The Digital Learning Revolution in Ireland: Case Studies from the National Learning Resources Service (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012) 115-130
•    Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain (2014) Interpreting "Life" in the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013. MLJI 20(2), 93-97
•    Eimear Spain, “Love in Life and Death” (2013) 64 (1) NILQ 91-109
•    Catherine O’Sullivan, Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain, “Article 40.3.3 and the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013: The Impetus for, and Process of, Legislative Change” (2013) IJLS 1-17
•    Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain, “When is a Foetus not an Unborn? Fatal Foetal Abnormalities and Article 40.3.3” (2013) IJLS 92-110
•    Eimear Spain, “Pregnancy and Unwanted Third Party Interference: A Woman's Rights” in Jennifer Schweppe (ed), The Unborn Child, Art 40.3.3, and Abortion in Ireland: 25 Years of Protection? (Liffey Press 2008), 113-129
•    Eimear Spain, “Duress and Necessity in Ireland: Reform on the Horizon” (2008) 18(3) ICLJ 70- 76
•    Eimear Spain, “Vo v France: Reasonable Settlement or Missed Opportunity?” (2006) 2 IFLJ 16-20

Reports (published)
•    Shane Kilcommins and Eimear Spain (2015) Deaths in the Custody of the Irish Prison Service (Limerick, IPS) (forthcoming).
•    Eimear Spain, Sarah Gibbons and Shane Kilcommins (2014) Analysis of Text for the Final Review of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, 2010-2014 (Dublin, COSC), pp. 64.
Articles (Non refereed)
•    Shane Kilcommins and Eimear Spain (2015) Pioneering Police Training. Garda Review 43(3). p4-5.
•    Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain, "Miscarriages of Justice in Ireland; A University of Limerick Student Project" (2012) 25(3) Education 28
Articles (Media)
•    Shane Kilcommins and Eimear Spain, “Clear and ambitious vision of Ireland’s police training”, Irish Times, April 23rd 2015
•    Eimear Spain, “Column: Families who assist their loved ones to die will continue to feel the full wrath of the law if it is not changed” The Journal, 13th December 2013
•    Eimear Spain and Jennifer Schweppw, “Analysis: Draft abortion law has gaps which require clarification” The Journal, 1st May 2013.
•    Eimear Spain “Column: Assisted suicide not permitted, but we still must find a humane path” The Journal 29th April 2013.
•    Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain “Analysis: Draft abortion law has gaps which require clarification” The Journal 1st May 2013
•    Eimear Spain “Column: Legal clarity needed after Marie Fleming ‘right to die’ verdict” The Journal, 16th January 2013.

Conference Papers
•    Eimear Spain, “Emotions and the Reasonable Man: Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives”, Sir Gerald Gordon Seminar 2015, Glasgow, June 2015.
•    Shane Kilcommins and Eimear Spain, ‘Deaths in Prison Custody Capstone Course: Engaging Final Year Law Students in Service Learning & Public Value’, Legal Pedagogy in Transition Workshop, Limerick, April 2015.
•    Shane Kilcommins, Susan Leahy and Eimear Spain “Paradigmatic Criminal Law: assumptions and commitments’, Criminal Law Pedagogy Workshop, Limerick , October 2014.
•    Eimear Spain, Sarah Gibbons and Shane Kilcommins, “Priorities for the Next National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence”, Stakeholder Consultation Day, Dublin Castle, November 2014.
•    Eimear Spain and Tim Ritchie “Engaging with Emotions in the Legal and Mental Health Professions"(Congress of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health, Amsterdam, July 2013)
•    “Priorities for the Next National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence”, Stakeholder Consultation Day, Dublin Castle, November 2014.
•    Eimear Spain, Rónán Kennedy and Jennifer Schweppe “Legal Writing and ICT” (Irish Clinical Legal Education Conference 2013, NUIG, Galway, April 2013)
•    Eimear Spain “Judges and Criminals; Responding to “irrational Emotions”” (UL Psychology Seminar Series, Limerick, March 2012)
•    Eimear Spain, “Love in Life and Death” (International Symposium on Emotion Regulation, Limerick, May 2012)
•    Eimear Spain, Rónán Kennedy and Jennifer Schweppe, “Teaching Legal Writing Using the Web: Possibilities and Practicalities” (NDLR Symposium 2012, Limerick, September 2012) 
•    Eimear Spain and Jennifer Schweppe, “Encouraging Autonomy and Engagement in Fourth Year Law Students: The UL Miscarriages of Justice Project” (5th FAHSS Teaching Day, Limerick, September 2012)
•    Rónán Kennedy, Jennifer Schweppe and Eimear Spain, “Teaching Legal Writing Using the Web: Possibilities and Practicalities” (10th Galway Symposium on Higher Education, Galway, June 2012)
•    Eimear Spain, "Lessons from the Past: Compulsion and the Criminal Law" (Irish Association of Law Teachers Conference, Athlone, November 2011)
•    Eimear Spain, ‘Towards a General Defence of Reasonable Emotional Response’ (Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities Conference, Nevada, March 2011)
•    Eimear Spain, "Emotions and Voluntariness: Implications for Criminal Law Defences", (Irish Association of Law Teachers Conference, Limerick, November 2010)
•    Eimear Spain, "Emotion and the Reasonable Man: An Exploration" (Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities Conference, Berkeley, March 2008)
•    Eimear Spain, "Pregnancy and Unwanted Third Party Interference: A Woman's Rights" (Conference on Art 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution, Limerick 2008)
•    Eimear Spain, "Fear, Force and Crime; the complex relationship" (Congress of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health, Padua, June 2007)
•    Eimear Spain, "Duress and Necessity in Ireland: Reform on the Horizon" (UCD Postgraduate Conference in Law, Dublin 2006)
•    Eimear Spain, "The Application of Emotion Theory to the Criminal Law" Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Stirling 2006)
•    Eimear Spain, "The Role of Emotions in Criminal Legal Theory" (Nordic Network for Psychology and Law Conference, Kristianstad 2005)

Seminar Papers 
•    Spain, E., “The Unitary Patent Package: challenges and opportunities for patent rights holders”, Holmes O'Malley Sexton Solicitors Lunch and Learn Seminar Series, Limerick, May 2014.
•    Spain et al., “What to do with white collar wrongdoing?,” Seminar delivered to senior members of the Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court of Uganda, Limerick, August 2014.
•    Spain et al., “Guest Speakers & the Student Learning Experience: the visit of Paddy Hill & Gerry Conlon to UL”, 7th FAHSS Teaching Day, Limerick, September 2014.
•    Spain, E., “Medico-legal aspects of abortion”, 6th Annual Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS) Research Forum, Limerick, January 2013.
•    Spain, E., “Encouraging Autonomy and Engagement in Fourth Year Law Students”, UL Conversation in the Consortium Series, Limerick, November 2012.
•    Spain et al. “Encouraging Autonomy and Engagement in Fourth Year Law Students: The UL Miscarriages of Justice Project”, 5th FAHSS Teaching Day, Limerick, September 2012.
•    Spain, E., “Judges and Criminals; Responding to “Irrational Emotions””, UL Psychology Seminar Series, Limerick, March 2012.
•    Spain et al., "Regulating Emotions", CUES Conversation, Limerick, March 2011.

Research/Fellowship Awards: 

2015    National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (with Dr. Kathryn O’Sullivan and Prof. Shane Kilcommins)

2014     COSC, The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence in the Department of Justice (with Prof Shane Kilcommins, UL and Sarah Gibbons, UL).

2013     Irish Research Council under the “New Foundations”  (with Prof Joan Lalor, TCD and Jennifer Schweppe, UL). 

2012     Irish Research Council under the “New Ideas” scheme (with Dr Roisin Corcoran, Yale University).

2012     Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences to support PhD research 

Higher Degree Supervision: 

Ph.D. students (including co-supervision)

Hope Davison, “Decision-making in dementia care: autonomy, capacity, and the legal doctrine of ‘informed consent”.

Mary Tumelty, “The spiralling costs, time delays and emotional burdens of medical negligence actions: exploring alternative dispute resolution as a means of ameliorating problems with traditional litigation”.

Richard Roche “Changed by the job - the effects that working in a prison has on prison officers”.

Carolanne Lynch, “Cyberbullying: Legal Responses to an Emerging Problem”.

Kevin Sweeny, “The changing nature of criminal investigative interviewing in Ireland”. 

William D. Fenney, “The Changing of the Guard: Transformation of An Garda Síochána between 1980 and 2013”. 

Dearbhaile Flynn, "The Normalisation of Extraordinary Powers in Ireland, the UK and the USA : The Emergence of the ‘State of Exception’ in Rule of Law Societies".

Prof Des Leddin

Select Staff type: 
Prof Des
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Canada and University of Limerick

Prof Liam Glynn

Select Staff type: 
Prof Liam
+353 (0) 61 202812
Professor of General Practice

Prof Liam Glynn has been appointed as the new Professor of General Practice at the Graduate Entry Medical, University of Limerick. He was previously Senior Lecturer in General Practice in the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, National University of Ireland, Galway and also Adjunct Senior Clinical Lecturer, Graduate Medical School, University of Limerick. 

He qualified from Trinity College, Dublin in 1995 and, after completing general practice training in the Scottish highlands and surviving some remote health care postings to Guyana and Ecuador, he returned to work in the West of Ireland.  He was awarded his M.Sc. degree in 2003 and his M.D. in 2007, both from National University of Ireland, Galway. He was appointed a HRB Cochrane fellow in 2007.

His career ambition is to contribute to the development of general practice and primary care in Ireland and the transformation of the Irish healthcare system with high quality teaching and research of international standing while continuing an active clinical role as a rural GP. In 2015, along with other Rural GPs, he co-founded the “No Doctor No Village” advocacy campaign.

Prof Glynn is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. He has over 170 publications and 4 book chapters and over 2,600 citations. He is a referee for several international medical and medical education journals and a member of the Editorial Boards of Forum, the Journal of the Irish College of General Practitioners and the Journal of Comorbidity.

Academic Qualifications: 

FRCGP (Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners)
International Primary Care Research Leadership Programme (University of Oxford)
Cochrane Fellowship (Health Research Board)
MD (National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland)
Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education (University of Cardiff)
Postgraduate Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance (University College Dublin)
MMSc in General Practice (National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland)MICGP (Membership of the Irish College of General Practitioners)
MRCGP (Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners)
FRCSI (Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland)    BA, MB, BCh, BAO (Medical Degree, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)

Research Interests: 

As PI of several National and EU funded research awards in Connected Health, Prof Glynn has developed and continue to lead a multi-disciplinary collaboration of researchers involving general practitioners, nurses, psychologists and engineers.

He has specific relevant prior experience in applying and researching mHealth interventions in clinical practice. His primary research interests are in preventive medicine with a focus on physical activity and diabetes and on bringing technological solutions to healthcare through connected health. Other research interests include chronic kidney disease, hypertension and adherence to medication. In addition, he has developed an international reputation in the area of cardiovascular multimorbidity and risk research, being one of the first researchers to describe the complex relationship between diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular risk in the community.

Prof Glynn is also lead author and co-author of a series of Cochrane protocols and reviews in Hypertension among other topics as well as being lead author of the BMJ Clinical Evidence Reviews on adherence to cardiovascular medication all of which provide clinicians around the world with clarity around the evidence base for management of these conditions. 

As Co-PI within the EU funded NPP project, ITTS, he designed and conducted the first RCT examining the impact of a smartphone application on physical activity in the primary care. The results of this study were initially reviewed by the New England Journal of Medicine and went on to receive a double publication in the British Journal of General Practice. More locally, it led to development of various exercise initiatives for local communities the most successful of which now runs in collaboration with the Clare Sports Partnership, the HSE and the ‘Go For Life’ programme, with over 350 older adults attending exercise classes in 23 community locations throughout the county of Clare every week.
Video link:


Publications Summary 
•    Total of 165 publications
•    Eighty five peer-reviewed journal articles
•    Four book chapters (including one in medical education) 
•    Over 2,600 citations, an i-10 index of 44 and a h-index of 25
o    Several highly cited Cochrane publications (highest = 477 citations)
o    Most highly cited article in the Journal “Family Practice” (297 citations)
o    Highly cited medical education publication (158 citations) 
o    Fifteen peer-reviewed publications in journals with an impact factor >4.

Funding Applications and Awards Summary
•    Total of 41 successful funding applications 
•    € 2 million as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator
•    €7.5 million as Co-applicant/Collaborator

Conference Presentations Summary
•    Total of 105 presentations at National (63) and International (42) conferences 
•    Twenty two Invited talks and Key Note Presentations
•    Two personal awards for conference presentations namely
o    North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Distinguished Paper Award 
o    James McCormick Research Award (Best Oral Presentation AUDGPI Scientific Meeting) 


Publication Record: 

Recent Publications

Quinlan, L., Stara, V., Harte, R., Di Rosa, M., Glynn, L., Casey, M., Hayes, P.S., Rossi, L., Mirelman, A., Baker, P., ÓLaighin, G. (2018)’ Does culture affect usability? A trans-European usability and UX assessment of a falls risk connected health system following a user-centered design methodology carried out in a single European country’. Maturitas. 114, Aug 2018, p 22-26 (Mar 4, 2018). (IF=3.315)

Harte, R., Hall, T., Glynn, L., Rodríguez-Molinero, A., Scharf, T., Quinlan, L.R., Ólaighin, G. (2018) ‘Enhancing Home Health Mobile Phone App Usability Through General Smartphone Training: Usability and Learnability Case Study’.  JMIR Hum Factors. 2018;5(2):e18;

Morrissey, E.C., Casey, M., Glynn, L.G., Walsh, J.C., Molloy, G.J. (2018) ‘Smartphone apps for improving medication adherence in hypertension: patients’ perspectives’. Patient Preference and Adherence. 14 May 2018, 12: 813-822. (IF=1.733)

Glynn L, Mustafa A, Casey M, Krawczyk J, Blom J, Galvin R, Hannigan A, Dunne CP, Murphy AW, Mallen C (2018) ‘Platelet rich plasma (PRP) Therapy for Knee Arthritis: A feasibility study in primary care’. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 4:93, (IF n/a not ISI)

Hayes P, Kielty K, Casey M, Glynn LG, Molloy GJ, Durand D, Newell J, Murphy AW. (2018) ‘Prognosis of patients with apparent treatment resistant hypertension - A feasibility study’. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 4:43. . (IF n/a not ISI)

Hayes P, Casey M, Glynn L.G., Molloy G, Durand H, O'Brien E, Dolan E, Newell J, Murphy AW (2018) ‘The prevalence of treatment resistant hypertension with consideration of pseudo-resistance and morbidity’. BJGP Jun;68(671):e394-e400. Epub 2018 May 8.  (IF=3.261)

Glynn LG, McManus RJ (2018) ‘Blood Pressure Control: Missed Opportunity or Potential Holy Grail?’ Ann Intern Med. 168(2):147-148. Epub 26 Dec 2017. (IF=17.5)

Morrissey, E., Glynn, L.G., Casey, M., Walsh, J., Molloy, G. (2018) ‘New self-management technologies for the treatment of hypertension: general practitioners’ perspectives’. Family Practice May 23;35(3):318-322. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmx100. (IF=1.675)

Glynn, L.G., Casey, M., Gaffney Wilkinson, L.A.E., Hayes, P.S., Heaney, D., Murphy, A.W., Glynn, F. (2017) ‘Implementation of the SMART MOVE intervention in primary care: a qualitative study using normalisation process theory’. BMC Family Practice 19:48. doi: 10.1186/s12875-018-0737-2. (IF=2.109)

Di Rosa, M., Hausdorff, J. M., Stara, V., Rossi, L., Glynn, L. G., Casey, M., Burkard, S., Cherubini, A. (2017) ‘Concurrent validation of an index to estimate fall risk in community dwelling seniors through a wireless sensor insole system: A pilot study’, Gait & Posture, 55, 6-11.

Arndt, H., Burkard, S., Talavera, G., Garcia, J., Castells, D., Codina, M., Hausdorff, J., Mirelman, A., Harte, R., Casey, M., Glynn, L. G., Di Rosa, M., Rossi, L., Stara, V., Rösevall, J., Rusu, C., Carenas, C., Breuil, F., Reixach, E., Carrabina, J. (2017) ‘Real-time constant monitoring of fall risk index by means of fully-wireless insoles’, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 237, 193-197.

Harte, R., Glynn L. G., Rodríguez-Molinero, A., Baker, P. M., Scharf, T., Quinlan, L. R., ÓLaighin, G.

(2017) ‘A human-centered design methodology to enhance the usability, human factors, and user experience of connected health systems: A three-phase methodology’, JMIR Human Factors, 4(1):e8.

Noctor E., Crowe, C., Carmody, L. A., Saunders, J. A., Kirwan, B., O’Dea, A., Gillespie, P., Glynn, L. G., McGuire, B. E., O’Neill, C., O’Shea, P. M., Dunne, F. P.  (2016) ‘Abnormal glucose tolerance post-gestational diabetes mellitus as defined by International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups criteria’, European Journal of Endocrinology, 175(4), 287-297.

O’Dea, A., Tierney, M., Danyliv, A., Glynn, L. G., McGuire, B. E., Carmody, L.A., Newell, J., Dunne, F.P., (2016)‘Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus in primary versus secondary care: The clinical outcomes of a randomised controlled trial’, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, July 117, 55-63.

Tierney, M., O'Dea, A., Danyliv, A., Carmody, L., McGuire, B. E., Glynn, L. G., Dunne, F. (2016) ‘Perspectives on the provision of GDM screening in general practice versus the hospital setting: a qualitative study of providers and patients’, BMJ Open, 6 (2), e007949

Danyliv, A., Gillespie, P., O’Neill, C., Tierney, M., O’Dea, A., McGuire, B., Glynn, L. G., Dunne, F. (2016) ‘The cost-effectiveness of screening for gestational diabetes mellitus in primary and secondary care in the Republic of Ireland’, Diabetologia, Mar 59(3), 436-44.

Glynn, L. G., Fahey, T.(2015)‘Cardiovascular medication: improving adherence using prompting mechanisms’, BMJ Clinical Evidence, Sept 21,pii: 0220.

Glynn, L. G., Casey, M., Walsh, J., Hayes, P.S., Harte, R.P., Heaney, D. (2015) ‘Patients' views and experiences of technology based self-management tools for the treatment of hypertension in the community: A qualitative study’, BMC Family Practice,16, 119.

Tierney, M., O’Dea, A., Danyliv, A., Glynn, L. G., McGuire, B.E., Carmody, L.A., Newell, J. and Dunne, F.P.(2015).‘Feasibility, acceptability and uptake rates of gestational diabetes mellitus screening in primary care vs secondary care: findings from a randomised controlled mixed methods trial’, Diabetologia, 58(11), 2486-2493.

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