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The University of Limerick led by Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf, GEMS Senior Lecturer in Public Health and Dr Anca Minescu, EHS Assistant Dean International collaborated with the Network Towards Unity for Health (The Network: TUFH) to host an international conference from 15th to 20th of August 2018.

Delegates from 110 universities and 30 organizations from 50 countries around the world gathered in University of Limerick to discuss Community Empowerment for Health.

During this conference and as part of Keynote speeches, interactive thematic sessions, mini workshops, and the site visits to local organisations, delegates learned and shared their experiences and discussed how educational institutions and organizations could lead the change process to provide empowering opportunities for communities and underrepresented sectors in the society.

The main outcome of the conference is Limerick Declaration on Community Empowerment. It declares that community empowerment goes beyond the traditional methods of listening, information sharing and consultation. It involves a change in power relations, and enabling people to have more control, and responsibility, for their own health.

This declaration is a call of action on educational institutes and organizations worldwide to lead the change process for community empowerment and social accountability. The declaration also calls on educational institutes to include the Student voices in the change process.


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L-R  Godwin Aja, Africa Regional Representative of the Network, Dr Anca Minescu, EHS Assistant Dean International, Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf, GEMS Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Kerstin Mey, Vice President Academic Affairs and Student Engagement, Professor Des Leddin, Head of School, Cllr Jerry O'Dea Deputy Mayor, Sharon Nolan, School Manager, Professor Henry De Holanda Campos, Secretary General of The Network: TUFH