Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, organized an international seminar on Migrant and refugee integration: The role of educational institutions on the 1st of June 2017.

This seminar is part of a collaboration project between GEMS and College of Public and Community Service at University of Massachusetts Boston. The Project Leaders are Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf and Dr Carlos Eduardo Siqueira, Associate Professor of Community Development and Planning at UMass Boston. More than 60 participants attended the seminar. The first part of this seminar included five keynote speakers. Dr Soorej Jose Puthoopparambil (Post-Doctoral Researcher GEMS) gave an overview of migration and its various phases. Then Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf talked about his experience from South Sudan on voice integration of hard-to-reach women during conflict and before migration. Prof Anne MacFarlane (Professor of Primary Healthcare Research GEMS) then talked about her experience in Ireland with the inclusion of migrant voices in research.  Dr Anca Minescu (Lecturer in Political Psychology) shared her experience on how do Irish societies look at migrants, and why. The keynote session was concluded by a presentation from our international guest Prof Carlos Eduardo Siqueira who talked about the experience in United States in immigrant integration. The second part of the seminar was a panel discussion moderated by Dr Matthew Cannon (lecturer Management & Marketing at Kemmy Business School). Our distinguished panellists were Prof Carlos Eduardo Siqueira (UMass Boston), Dr Bernie Quillinan (Senior Lecturer Nursing and Midwifery, and the Chair of the Campus Engage Steering Committee), Dr Mairead Moriarty (lecturer at the school of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics and the Assistant Dean International at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), Eugene Quinn (Chairperson of Limerick Integration Working Group and the Director of the Irish Jesuit Refugee Service), and Geraldine Dollard (Head of community in Limerick City and County Council at Social Development Directorate, Limerick County and City Council). The seminar provided an opportunity to discuss, debate and learn from some of the best experts in the field who enriched the participants with a better understanding of how can our Irish educational institutions promote refugee and migrant integration.