GEMS turns 10

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GEMS10 – the 10th anniversary of the founding of the school was proudly celebrated on September 30th at the University of Limerick. The celebrations started with an exhibition of artwork, created by GEMS students as part of their Year 3 Special Studies Module. Curated and catalogued by Prof James O’ Hare and Ms Ciara Joyce. This took place in the GEMS building. The celebrations then moved onto the University Concert Hall where all who attended were given a chance to hear the origins of GEMS through an interview with Prof Paul Finucane, GEMS founding Head. Two lively panel discussions then took place, which highlighted GEMS many successes to date as well as outlining our future hopes. These included representatives of GEMS faculty, the HSE, patients and students. The event was hosted superbly by our Interim Head of School, Prof Des Leddin.

Four of the original core group of five who gave life to the school (Prof Paul Finucane, Prof John O’Connor, Mr John Moroney, Ms Mairead Waters, Prof Don Barry) were there and were presented with a small commemorative token of thanks.  Previous GEMS Head of School, Prof Mike Larvin came back from Malaysia and two of our Canadian graduates, Dr Carolyn Lemieux and Dr Rob Coke made the journey, as well as a number of the very first cohort. There was music, dancing and even a GEMS 10 cake. A birthday party without presents would hardly be right and Prof Pierce Grace kindly presented a work of his, which is now proudly displayed in the lobby of GEMS, to the University.

“What has been achieved at GEMS in ten short years is really remarkable. The impact of the school’s engagement with the health care community all across Ireland is immeasurable," said Professor Des Leddin.

We at GEMS, look forward to the next 10 years and to building on our many accomplishments.



Highlights from the day can be seen in the below video