GEMS 10 Years on.....

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The GEMS 10 year anniversary is an important milestone that can be shared along with University Hospital Limerick (UHL), which has seen great changes since the GEMS inception. The first UHL Medical NCHd team to be staffed by UL GEMS graduates recently came into being which highlights the success of the GEMS. 

This team is composed of:

Paul O'Hara Renal SpR (Class 2012)
Edward McMonagle SHO (Class 2015) 
Enda Kelliher Renal intern (Class 2016)
Berbie Byrne Renal Intern (Class 2016)
Patrick Tobin Schnittger Medical Student - incumbent Renal intern (Class 2017) 


Pictured L to R: Photo of the Dr Casserly’s renal team including the GEMS graduates; Dr Liam Casserly Consultant Nephrologist, Dr Paul O'Hara Renal SpR, Dr Gasim Ahmed Renal Reg,

Dr Telal Khair Renal Reg, Dr Berbie Byrne Renal Intern (Back Row) Dr Enda Kelliher Renal Intern, Dr Eddie Mc Gonagle Renal SHO, Dr Patrick Tobin Schnittger incumbent Renal Intern (Front Row)