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Graduate Entry Medical School

General Practice / Primary Care Sites

In Year 3, each student spends 18 weeks on clinical attachment with an individual GP tutor in a GEMS-affiliated teaching practice.

Currently, teaching practices are located in six regions, each with a central hub at which students attends for the day release programme.  During the initial part of the placement students observe the GP tutor consulting with patients. However, the core component of this clinical attachment is 'parallel consulting', where a patient is assigned to a student by the GP tutor (with the patients consent). The student then consults with the patient for 15 to 20 minutes before presenting his / her findings to the GP tutor. While clinical responsibility for patient care will always rest with the GP, this model involves the student in the assessment and management of patients presenting to general practice and is therefore an 'active' form of learning. Students, on average will encounter 4 to 6 patients per day, generating approximately 400 patient contacts over the 18 week placement.

Students learn to perform the same tasks as the general practitioner, while under close supervision.

Formal teaching takes place at one of UL-GEMS’ teaching hubs on Wednesday mornings with 6-12 students. This day release programme consists of seminars / webinars delivered by invited speakers and also a series of 5 small group tutorials, which are delivered by regional GP co-ordinators.

Activity in each of these Six ‘Networks’ is locally supported by a GP Coordinator whose primary role is to support practices and students and to liaise with UL and is thus your local point of contact in the event of issues arising from your placement.



GP Coordinators

Limerick /  Mallow / Charleville

Dr Patrick O’Dwyer / Dr Aidan Culhane


Dr Billy O'Connell


Dr Gary Stack

Tipperary / Mitchelstown / Fermoy

Dr Lucia Gannon

South East

Dr John Cuddihy


Dr Jerry O’Flynn


Student Placements vary Year on Year below is a map of some of the sites students have been placed for their GP Placement.

GP hubs.JPG