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Springboard Workshops

A Personal and Career Development Programme for Women – Administrative Staff

Springboard Women’s Development Programme is a 3 month (4 workshops) Personal and Career Development Programme for Women outside of managerial roles (i.e. it is not a management development programme). Springboard is for all women at any age or stage in life and from all backgrounds. The Programme has been created to enable women to achieve greater recognition and influence and to fulfill their potential in both their work and personal lives. It helps women to take clear practical realistic steps to take more control over personal and work development. This programme is being offered here in UL as one of a number of HR Equality/Diversity initiatives. Those wishing to undertake the programme must commit to attending each of the 4 workshops. The only qualification you require is the interest and desire to change and develop yourself and the willingness to commit some time and energy to look at your life. Programme 1 is for Administrative Staff to Executive Administrative level, Library Employees, ITD, and Technical Staff. Springboard is a self-nominating course. To book a place on this programme please complete the Springboard Application form  and return to Limited number of places available.

 Course Title Dates Duration

Workshop 1

Getting Started




1 day


Workshop 2

Knowing Yourself




1 day


Workshop 3



Thursday 12/09/2019


1 day


Workshop 4

Where Do We Go From Here?


Thursday 03/10/2019


1 day



2109 Springboard Attendees