The Athena SWAN Steering Committee

The ASSC has 24 members (15F, 9M). To ensure continuity, ASSC academic members are members of their Faculty AS SAT. Four members (2F, 2M) of the ASSC have fulfilled the role of AS panellist while another four (2F, 2M) have experience as observers. From 2015, the ASSC has been chaired by the UL President.

The respective deans of the two STEMM faculties (1M, 1F) are members of the committee. The deans of the two AHSSBL faculties (1F, 1M) joined the committee prior to the Irish commencement of the expanded charter in November 2017. All four-faculty executive deans are AS champions for the institution. Following an open call, the ASSC now includes representation from each of the work groups in UL.