Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Time: - 11.45am to 2pm

Dave Saunders - From Dads to Lads

Delighted to announce that Dave Saunders, founder of ‘From Lads to Dads’, a community-based support group providing a safe and confidential environment for young fathers to talk and share their experiences as they make their way through all aspects of parenthood, will join our lineup of speaker on International Men’s Day.   Dave will talk about his own personal experience on becoming a father at a very young age.  He will set out the supports that he and his group are now putting in place to support other young men as they face the challenge of becoming young Dads.

The aim of the ‘From Lads to Dads’ Community group is to alleviate any anxiety or fear and move past negative stereotypes towards a greater understanding of the unique challenges facing young fathers and to help them begin their positive parenting journey and become active role models in the in the lives of their children.

Barry Sheridan, CEO Men’s Sheds Association -  Men’s Mental Wellbeing – Men’s Sheds

The Irish Men’s Sheds Association was formed in January 2011. The Irish Men’s Shed Association (IMSA) is a member-based organisation which exists to maintain links and share information among the network of men’s shed in Ireland. They strive for a future in which all men have the opportunity to maintain and improve their well-being on their own terms within their own communities.

They aim to make it as easy as possible for any like-minded groups of men in Ireland to set up, run, and maintain a Men’s Shed.

Would you be interested in setting up a Men’s Shed in UL or in your own local community

“Men’s Representation in Nursing & Midwifery – Challenging the Stereotype”  - Mr. Jose Espineira, Staff Midwife, University Maternity Hospital Limerick

Mr. Oliver O’Halloran, Candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner (cANP), - Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Ennis

Mr. Declan McNamara, Director of Nursing Peri-operative Directorate, UL Hospital Group, Adjunct Professor UL