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Meghan Dion - Bridgewater State University

"The Practicum experience also taught me the positive effects that challenging you can bring. Choosing to do this module was something that was out of my comfort zone but provided me with the courage to put myself out there more because of the positive impact..." Read More

Kathleen Larson - Drury University, USA

"The practicum program gave me a chance to immerse myself in the Irish culture and learn things that I would have otherwise completely missed. It gave me a chance to initially reflect on my skills and see how I was able to improve as a student and as a..." Read More

Emma Lambert - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

"This practicum was a very positive experience for me. For course credit, we were able to get involved in the community and become part of something greater than just four classroom walls. Coming from a different country and culture, engaging in the Limerick..." Read More

Kate Sheahan - St. Gabriel’s School and Centre

"Working with the UL Practicum students was overall a very positive experience. The students who engaged with the St. Gabriel’s project were on a study abroad programme from the USA.  They were committed and enthusiastic in their approach to the..." Read More