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UL Engaged Projects - Science & Engineering

A day in the life of a Scientist

Location: Virtual
Project Leader: Martin McHugh, Louise McNeill
A video collaboration between university partners to explain the kind of work that scientists do. Learn More

Hands on with Horses (2021 - current)

Location: Clonshire Equestrian Centre
Project Leader: Dr. Bridget Younge | School of Natural Sciences
A 25+ years partnership between School of Natural Sciences and Clonshire Equestrian Centre providing hands-on experience to support all equitation modules. Learn More

Supporting people with dementia and their family carers through music (2020 - current)

Location: Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, UL; online
Project Leader: Dr Hilary Moss, University of Limerick | Lisa Kelly
A community research partnership designed to develop accessible and suitable music-related supports and music therapy services to support the psychosocial needs of people living with dementia and their family caregivers. Learn More

UL Meitheal (2019-2021)

Location: Office of VPAASE
Project Leader: Maura Adshead
A whole of university approach to develop UL as a "Civic University" Learn More

Developing the Potential of Community Energy Action Groups Towards Transition to a Low Carbon Society (2017-2019)

Location: University of Limerick
Project Leader: Bernadette O'Regan
A project to develop, test and revise a Community toolkit to map out and systematically address strategies, targets, policies, measures and schedules to support transition to, measure and maintain a low carbon emissions strategy. Learn More

Supporting urban communities moves towards environmental sustainability (2018-2020)

Location: Centre for Environmental Reseach, Limerick
Project Leader: Dr. Bernadette O'Regan
This project provides communities with detailed, up to date guidance on implementing sustainability programmes of sufficient significance to qualify for EU and international accreditation. Learn More

Addressing the Environmental Impacts of Infant Feeding Decisions in Healthcare and Society (2017-2019)

Location: UL, UL Maternity Hospital, Cork University Maternity Hospital
Project Leader: Dr Bernadette O’Regan Principal investigator, Dr Yvonne Ryan Postdoctoral Researcher
It is the aim of this to identify environmental impacts associated with infant feeding and develop strategies and policies to mitigate where possible. Learn More

Measuring community greenhouse gas emissions - application in EU communities (2017-2019)

Location: Ballynagran, Glenealy, Co. Wicklow
Project Leader: Dr. Bernadette O'Regan
Ballynagran Energy Plus - A community based project to carbon footprint through community actions relating to transport, energy and food. Learn More

Enhancing sustainable development in Irish urban centres through development of an environmental and socio-economic model (2017-2019)

Location: University of Limerick
Project Leader: Dr. Bernadette O'Regan
A community based research project aimed at enabling communities across Ireland to achieve both environmental and socio-economic gains from actions that reduce GHG emissions. Learn More

Developing the Potential of Third Level Campuses as Change Agents in Transition toward Sustainable Communities (2017-2019)

Location: University of Limerick, Department of Chemical and Environmental Sciences
Project Leader: Dr Bernadette O’Regan
Policy driven, bottom-up approaches to identifying opportunities for, and indicators of, resource efficiency in third level campuses, developing innovative solutions to meaningfully initiate behavioural change. Learn More