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UL Practicum

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The UL Practicum provides a means for academic staff to deliver their curriculum differently - in collaboration with community partners working on real-life projects. The UL Practicum enables students to achieve module learning outcomes via practical and applied experiential learning instead of, or in addition to, more traditional classroom based pedagogies.

For communities, UL Practicum projects are established in response to community identified needs and are designed and implemented by collaborative teams comprising UL staff, Community Partners and Students

For academics, the UL Practicum is essentially a project shell. It provides a pre-approved module code that enables your students to work with you on collaborative community projects and as part of their credited academic curriculum

For students, the UL Practicum provides curriculum based accredited learning in community projects, combining applied academic work with the development of UL Graduate Attributes. 

For the university, the UL Practicum raises the profile and reputation of staff / student engagement with communities and applies consistent criteria for best practice community engagement.