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AIEA Thematic Forum


From Service Learning to Engaged Learning: 
European Innovations in Study Abroad

University of Limerick,
April 26th & 27th 2018

Made possible with a grant from AIEA for a Thematic Forum



         Registration Fee is €85

About this Forum
This Thematic Forum intended for International Officers, Program Directors and Faculty will focus on moving from Service Learning to Community Engaged Learning. This forum will be dedicated to exploring the ways that the international study abroad programmes can provide credit bearing engaged learning experiences to students and that additionally benefits communities equally. Many students appreciate being involved in community-based projects that give them real-world experiences and allow them to integrate theory with practice. Using the University of Limerick’s Practicum programme, unique in Ireland, as a case study and template, the forum aims to present the innovative pedagogies and strategies used, including lessons learned from a university-community partnership model to enable a critical approach to service learning in international settings. 

Relevance and Strategic Issues

  • Enhancing the Study Abroad opportunities for US institutions
  • Full engagement and immersion to allow for innovative intercultural learning experiences for US students in Europe
  • Delivering reflexive, transformative community engaged learning

Forum Objectives

  • Provide an inclusive and reflective space for dialogue and discussion
  • Create an on-going forum to share best practice, information and resources
  • Enable panel participants to continue discussion on the issues and concerns identified in the panel sessions and establish a network that will sustain the connections and links developed in the panel
  • Provide insights on community engaged learning experiences from international students, community partners, administrators and faculty

Professor Sarah Moore 
Associate Vice President Academic, UL. Chair of National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning 
Dr Maura Adshead 
Associate Professor in Politics & Public Administration, UL
Engaged Scholarship Advocate, UL Engage
Chair of national Campus Engage Community Engaged Research 
Kate Morris 
Director of Campus Engage Ireland 
Josephine Page 
Director of International Education, UL 
Bernie Quillinan
ULEngage: Civic Engagement Champion
Module Leader, UL Practicum (International Students) 

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