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UL International Practicum student Spring 2017

Meghan Dion
Bridgewater State University

The Practicum experience also taught me the positive effects that challenging you can bring. Choosing to do this module was something that was out of my comfort zone but provided me with the courage to put myself out there more because of the positive impact it had had on me. The way of which I was able to learn all of this was in an interactive environment. This was very different from a normal school setting but was done in a way that proved to be much more enjoyable and interesting to me. I learned by doing and not just studying and writing papers. To me this actually proved to be more effective for my personal style of learning. I was truly able to grow in areas of myself that I did not even know I had in me. This showed to be important not only in my work but also in my own personal self. The lessons that I learned will help me in my future careers. It taught me how to work in a professional environment and be professional. This experience has given me new skills, new confidence and a new way of looking at things that I will forever cherish.


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