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About Us

Prof Kerstin Mey
Tel: 00 353 61 20 2468

Kerstin Mey is responsible for UL engagement and provides national representation and leadership for ULEngage, leading inter-institutional collaboration, engagement, UL interaction between communities, staff and students, community teaching and learning and collaborative University community partnerships. With an academic background in languages, literature and the arts, Kerstin is particularly interested in participatory and socially engaged modes of creative engagement and public pedagogies more generally. Kerstin is currently a member of the Campus Engage Steering Committee. She currently serves the ISEA International Advisory Committee and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Irish Chamber Orchestra. 

Prof Maura Adshead
Tel: 00 353 61 213429

The Knowledge for Change (K4C) initiative is a UNESCO-sponsored global consortium of universities committed to best practice community-based participatory research and scholarship. UL joined the K4C consortium in 2018. The K4C consortium provides training, bench-marking and international peer review for all UL engaged activities. Acting as the local K4C supervisor, Maura leads the development of joint university-community academic programmes, including the UL Practicum, the CWELL diploma programme, the Specialist Graduate Diploma in Community Engagement and the MA Community Research+ programme. A political scientist by training, Maura carries out research and teaches in the areas of Irish politics and public policy, Europeanisation impacts in Ireland and emancipatory research. She is currently Chairing the Campus Engage Working Group on Engaged Research. 

Tracey Gleeson
Tel: 00 353 61 202096

Tracey is Senior Co-ordinator of the Limerick Inside Out International Practica Programme.  With a background in both community and university administration, she is the key support for students, communities and home institutions involved in the Programme.