Teaching and Research Interests: 

Research interests: Biomechanics, Sport performance

PhD: False start event detection using a revised sprint start technology in track and field athletics. 

Supervisors: Prof Drew Harrison (UL),  Dr. Kevin Hayes (UCC)

Research Project : FASST - Feasability Analysis of Sprint Start Technologies

Funding: Irish Research Council 

  • MSc Training and Sport Performance Monitoring at Universit√© Rennes 2, France (2018);
  • MSc Sciences and Technics of Physical and Sport Activities, Ecole Normal Sup√©rieur de Rennes, France (2017);
  • BSc Sciences and Technics of Physical and Sport Activities
  • Milloz, M., Hayes, K., & Harrison, A. J. (2020). Sprint Start Regulation in Athletics: A Critical Review. Sports Medicine, 1-11.