The School of Medicine was conferred with an Athena SWAN Bronze Award at an awards ceremony at the RCSI in Dublin on 24th October 2019. The award is in recognition of the School’s commitment to promoting gender equality and to identifying and addressing gender-related challenges in the School. 

SoM strategy mission 2020-2025, is divided into five pillars to deliver the strategic plan’s targets 

* The overarching goal of the ‘Culture & People’ pillar is to create a secure place to work and study that cultivates diverse perspectives, belonging, aspirations, personal growth and wellbeing. Empowering each member of the SoM community to reach their full potential reflects the values of equality and human rights, as laid out in Goal 5 of the University of Limerick (UL@50) strategic development plans.


Academic Excellence
and Diversification


Research with Impact

Culture & People*

Promoting and Empowering Supportive
and Inclusive Culture

Community and Healthcare

Improving Healthcare


Effective Governance and Economic Stewardship

The SoM Athena Swan self-assessment team (SAT), chaired by the Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), currently has 24 members including academics, PMSS, researchers and students, representing all stakeholders and career and work-life stages within the School of Medicine. 

SoM Athena Swan Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Framework (AS/EDI) 2020–2025

The Head of EDI and the AS/EDI SAT oversee the collective Athena Swan EDI initiatives (2018 Athena Swan Action Plan 1–4 and 2020 Strategic Planning – Culture & People 1–5). 

The AS/EDI framework aims to underpin progressive change for staff and students and align with the principles of the expanded Athena Swan Charter (2021).

SoM Athena Swan EDI in action 2022-2026 

  • 4 Working Groups

  • 6 Pillars

  • 42 Goals

  • 78 Actions

SoM priority Athena Swan actions to address local gender equality challenges in leadership, progression, workload, work flexibility and work-life balance remain at the core of our AS/EDI 2022–2026 Action Plan, coupled with ongoing efforts to further embed and safeguard EDI principles into the School culture and community. 

Five priority action areas to address these goals include:

  1. Embedding EDI into SoM Athena Swan and strategic planning 
  2. Supporting career development and implementing a career framework for clinical tutor staff
  3. Advancing well-defined criteria and support for progression, promotion and job evaluation processes for all staff cohorts
  4. Expanding staff mentoring initiatives  
  5. Safeguarding EDI in student populations