Dr Siobhan Leahy

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Siobhan Leahy



Dr Siobhan Leahy            

School of Allied Health

Dean’s Fellowship Research Area:     Ageing and Health

Research Leader:  Dr Rose Galvin

What attracted you to the EHS Dean’s Fellowship?

I was attracted to the Fellowship as I saw it as an ideal opportunity to develop my own research interests in a cross-disciplinary environment, and aid my transition to becoming an independent researcher.

Research Background (Education and work experience to date):

                I completed my primary degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Limerick in 2008. In 2012, I was awarded my PhD on the subject of measurement methods of human body composition, also at the University of Limerick. I subsequently worked for five years as a post-doctoral researcher at The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), Trinity College Dublin.


Research Expertise (Your area of focus and contribution to your field):

My main research interests are lifestyle related health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes, and their impact on mental and physical health outcomes. I am also interested in social determinants of health. Specifically, I have investigated the prevalence and factors associated with both obesity and diabetes in older Irish adults. I have also studied the relationship between socioeconomic position and social participation and health outcomes (mental and physical) in the older adult population.  


Context of your Research (Area of application or real world impact):

The global population is ageing rapidly, which presents many challenges for health and social care systems. Coupled with this is an increase in disease and disability related to health behaviours such as poor diet, low physical activity and subsequent obesity. Identifying groups of adults most at risk of these modifiable risk factors for disease and disability, and planning appropriate interventions, will help to inform policy and practice thus ensuring that our health and social care services are prepared for the increased demands of an ageing population.


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