Dr Enrique Garcia Bengoechea

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Enrique Garcia Bengoechea




Enrique Garcia Bengoechea

EHS Department of School you are affiliated to:

Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Dean’s Fellowship Research Area:

Physical Activity and Health

Research Leader:

Prof Catherine Woods

What attracted you to the EHS Dean’s Fellowship?

The opportunity to work with research leaders in physical activity and health promotion to address collaboratively real life issues, and the flexibility provided by the Fellowship to continue developing my current research activities and international collaborations.

Research Background (Education and work experience to date):

Education: Bachelor of Physical Education, Universidad Politécnica, Madrid, Spain; MSc (concentration in Sport Pedagogy), Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada; PhD (concentration in physical activity and sport psychology), University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada.

Work experience: physical education teacher and sports coach, Research Associate (Alberta Centre for Active Living, Edmonton), Assistant and Associate Professor (McGill University, Montreal), Associate Professor (University of Western Sydney), Research Consultant (Methodological Developments Platform, Quebec Support Unit for Patient Oriented Research, Department of Family Medicine, McGill University, Montreal), Visiting Fellow (Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living, Victoria University, Melbourne).

Research Expertise (Your area of focus and contribution to your field):

My main research focus is on community-based physical activity and health promotion. A secondary focus is on the study of sport as context for youth development and socialization.

Context of your Research (Area of application or real world impact):

The main area of application of my research is the development and evaluation of participatory/collaborative approaches to engage with organizations and communities in the search of ways to address issues related to physical inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours in general, while considering a number of interacting individual and environmental factors. A related area of application of my research in recent years concerns the intersection between active and sustainable living by contributing to provide a better understanding of factors that affect adolescents (and their parents) decisions about how to travel/commute to school. My research on youth sports has contributed to an understanding of optimal environments for adolescent sport participants by examining the separate and joint effects of interpersonal and activity-related (e.g., characteristics of practice activities) dimensions of the sport environment.



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Garcia Bengoechea
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