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Dr. Ann-Marie Creaven

Ann-Marie’s research interests are in the areas of health, biological, social and developmental psychology. Her research examines how our social relationships impact on well-being, in terms of psychological well-being, physiological stress responses, and synchrony with close others in our environment.

Ann-Marie is currently working on a project identifying factors related to traditional and cyber bullying in primary schools, in collaboration with researchers in St Patrick’s College of Education in Drumcondra. She is also working on data examining associations between loneliness and other social relationship factors on psychological well-being and physiological indices of health, and plans to use this work as a basis for larger-scale project. 

Type of student I am looking for:

Student who seeks to develop their research interests in one of the following areas with a view to a career in research: biological psychology, experimental psychology, social relationships, health, well-being, developmental psychology across the lifespan, quantitative research methods. Student who ideally has taken some time between completion of undergraduate degree and commencement of PhD studies (i.e., work, travel, postgraduate qualification).