SO4056 - Hate Crime: Roots, Realities, and Redress

Module Leader: Dr Amanda Haynes

The purpose of this module is to explore the phenomenon of hate crime through a sociological and legal lens. Specifically the module aims to unpack hate crime as a social construct; to examine is structural roots; to explore the social consequences of legal formulations and legislative lacunae; to critically evaluate the potential for legal, civic, and educational solutions; to familiarise the student with the field of hate studies as an interdisciplinary project drawing on both sociology and legal scholarship and to critically interrogate the hate crime paradigm. 


LA4063 - LGBT Rights, Resistance, and Redress: Gender, Sexuality and the Law in Ireland 

Module Leader: Dr Jennifer Schweppe

This course is designed to help students acquire the conceptual tools and affective dispositions required to engage in LGBT-inclusive analyses of Irish legislation and policy. The module first seeks to help students adopt a critical approach to traditional binary conceptions of gender and sex, as well as to heteronormativity, providing a foundation for informed analysis of historical and contemporary Irish legislation. In particular, students will be encouraged to consider the impact on LGBT inclusion of anti-discrimination and criminal legislation. Students will engage with key moments in the evolution of LGBT-rights in Ireland, up to and including the passing of the Marriage Act 2015 and the Gender Recognition Act 2015.