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Project Details and Partners

There are 11 partners to the NETHATE project, who will support 15 early career researchers in the training network. The project is being led by Prof Arun Bokde of Trinity College Dublin.  

Full details of NETHATE are available here, and the projects are: 


"The neurological basis of hate and impact on bystanders" (Trinity College Dublin)

"Hate and how we can stop hating: the role of betrayal and atonement" (Trinity College Dublin)

"Evolving forms of hate in the consumer society" (University of Turku)

"Intersectionality in victims’ experiences of hate incidents" (University of Limerick) 

"The experience and effects of hatred of paedophiles" (Trinity College Dublin)

"Countering online hate-speech through technological interventions" (University of Antwerp)

"Countering hate speech—how to adequately protect fundamental rights?" (Leiden University)

"Helping victims of online sexual harassment through online reporting and supporting systems" (University of Antwerp)

"Social Media Misogyny: Online Hate Against Women" (University of Gothenburg)

"Online hate speech: contents, networks and effects on hate crime" (Institute for Democracy and Civil Society Jena / Amadeu Antonio Foundation)

"Preaching Hate: A Contextual Discourse Analysis of Charismatic Socio-Religious Speech" (Trinity College Dublin)

"Religion and Hate Victimization among Youth: Contexts, Consequences and Adaptive Strategies" (University of Helsinki)

"Religiously-motivated speech targeting LGBTs: An International Human Rights Analysis Erasmus" (University Rotterdam)

"A Critical Analysis of Hate Perpetration Against Roma" (University of Plymouth)

"Hate speech in polarized political controversies – communicative dynamics and prospects of prevention" (Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena)