LA6192 - Hate Crime

Module Leader: Dr Jennifer Schweppe

The purpose of this module is to conduct a socio-legal enquiry into the phenomenon of hate crime. It will explore the concept of hate, and concepts of hate crime internationally, highlighting the differences between hate crime, hate incidents and hate speech. It will interrogate the prevalence of hate crime in an Irish context, critically exploring the difference in official and unofficial reporting rates. It will look at the forms hate crime can take, and the impact of hate crime on its victims. Following this victim-centric approach, the module will then go on to examine the concept of hate through the lens of the criminal law, evaluating legislative models for addressing hate, and asking whether we need to criminalise the hate element of a crime. It will also examine the policing of hate, particularly in the context of changes introduced following the publication of the Macpherson Report in the United Kingdom. It will finally query the manner in which we address hate behaviour post-conviction.